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Playlist maker for android using SL4A(android-scripting)

NOTE: I have already created an APP that don't need android scripting installed here . This is a simple tool for your android phone to make playlist by folder using android scripting. You need SL4A with python for android for this to work. You can download it at or with and Then just copy paste this code and run it. By default playlist is created at /music/playlist so make sure you have that folder in your sdcard. It also finds all mp3 files in your sdcard and will name the playlist by path. Here it is import android import os import string droid = android.Android() directory = None # put list of folder to gen m3u or leave empty for all folder m3upath = "/sdcard/music/playlist" musicpaths = None def createPlaylist(dir): files = os.listdir(dir) files.sort() songs="" for file in files: if file.find(".mp3") != -1: songs += file + "\n" if songs