After Several Months on Ting Here is My Review

I switched to and has been happy with their service. I currently have 3 lines with them and my average monthly usage is $30/month. My highest bill was around $45 which was around the time when we were moving and used a lot of data. This can be very expensive if you use a lot of data. The good thing is you can actually just setup an alert that will disable your minutes, sms or data if you are going over a specific rate. Ting recommends adding a bit of buffer since usage is not updated instantly, so for example I add subtract 50mb of data on the plan I want to stop it. Same with call and sms.

The only drawback here that I encountered once is if you go over a few minutes, for example I went over 6 minutes on a plan and I was charged the next plan for a full amount.A good feature to have would be to create alerts base on some variable usage so you can disable a plan if you are close to your closing date and you only have few minutes left.

Even with that bad experience I would still recommend ting since I still saved a lot of money. If you use my referral on ting by clicking you get $25 credit to use for your service.


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