Summary of my Android Apps

After checking the archive list of my blog I didn't see me sharing my android apps on here. So here it is, I currently have 4 active apps mostly created for myself that I published on google play.

This app automatically organize your apps base on google play categories. Reason I built is cause I flash my firmware a lot at one time that reorganizing folders of my apps just takes too much time. I couldn't find one that is simple enough that would just work and I won't ever touch it again. It has now evolve to have features like:

  • Manual Categorization (had to do it cause of too much demand)
  • Floating launcher (for paid, you can open a folder/assign commands on what it does)
  • Create Shortcut & Folder view on those shortcut (also paid only)
  • Free version basically just gets an organized list with ads! :(

This is a live wallpaper, you can select a static wallpaper then then it will have your borders as status bar. I did this because I thought it was cool. It really wasn't from the current population. Ohh well I still use it. It can now show the status bar anywhere and features like random wallpaper and wallpaper changing depending on your battery level.

Another app that I use for myself, couldn't find one that exists. It basically is an image/file importer from a link. So if you are using an image editor and you choose to open a photo, you can select this app and paste the url and it will download and use it on the editor.

Shows you a random app. That's it, I was bored. You can star for easy access later.

There are few more that I build with a friend at RamenTech.


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