HTC One + I-Blason PowerGlider + Moga Pro Review

I bought the I-Blason PowerGlider battery pack thinking that it would fit in a moga pro for extended gameplay use, because there was a review somewhere in xda that the mophie doesn't fit in the moga pro. So here is a quick video to demo it altogether.

It does fit, but it can slip its heavy and hard to play while laying head up because the moga pro grip don't have a lock it might be the same issue with htc one alone. Although in the video it doesn't drop it does feel that it might, but it still fits which is the most important.

Here are more photos:

I used the moga tablet stand cause the HTC One + PowerGlider is too heavy to stay upright. For battery life, I've never ran out anymore, although sometimes I remove it and charge it by itself so I can still use the phone and never had to charge it directly. Beware though it only has half the mAh output of the charger, people say its fine but I really don't know how it would affect its battery.

Connecting the moga pro to my phone seems to disconnect the wifi, not sure if this is a common issue. It is having hard time to find the controller with wifi on. Other than that everything seems smooth, the moga is very responsive.


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